5x Harder Coating
10x Longer Lasting
4x Better Heat Transfer


The strongest, longest lasting non-stick pan,
infused with millions of diamonds!

This Pan Does It All!

  • See how well it works with all these dishes
  • See how well it works with all these dishes
Works in the oven and in broiler. Non-stick is safe up to 850°F*


  • Ultra-durable layer of diamond infused ceramic coating.
  • Toxin Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, Lead or Cadmium
  • Forged Base for extreme strength and warp prevention
  • Super Non-Stick coating
  • 5X harder than traditional non-stick pans
  • Coating lasts 10X longer than traditional non-stick pans
  • 4X quicker and more even heat transfer
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 850°F
  • Dishwasher and metal utensil safe
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See how durable the bottom of the pan is
Diamond Reinforced for
Extreme Use
Dishwasher Safe
For Quick and Easy
Up to 850°F*

Five Diamond Reviews

5 Diamonds
  • “The first thing I noticed was how easily it cleans. Everything cooks evenly and nothing stuck to the pan. I cooked shrimp and veggies, neither of which overcooked. The shrimp had a nice even sear on both sides and were not rubbery at all. I've never cooked with a pan before that was completely non-stick and cleaned so easily.” - Kristin W.
    “Lives up to it's advertising. The experience was great and made cooking super easy and clean!” - Samantha C.
    "The pan cooked everything thoroughly without any cold spots. Even at high heat, nothing stuck to the pan and it was incredibly easy to clean."Kaitlyn B.
  • “The Blue Diamond Pan solves two important things for me and my family: less mess and clean up by reintroducing non-stick pans into our kitchen AND, most importantly to me, knowing I'm cooking with something that is safe for us. I love cooking, but I hate chemicals. This pan was the perfect solution to that problem.” - Paige R.
    “I love how this pan cooks meat evenly. I primarily use it for sautéing and searing and it does a fantastic job on both fronts. My other non-stick pans always suffer over time from my cooking utensils scratching their surfaces. So far I haven't seen any scratching on my Blue Diamond pan. It appears durable and scratch resistant. Another benefit is that it's lightweight and easy to carry. Hard to imagine such a tough product being so light. I'm planning to buy another Blue Diamond for my mom to replace her shabby, worn-out sauté pan.” - Elizabeth H.

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When ordering today, you will receive a 9.5" Blue Diamond™ Enhanced Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan plus a Mighty Mini Egg Pan for only $19.99 plus $8.95 p&h. Order a 2nd pan for $19.99 and get FREE SHIPPING, a savings of $8.95! As an added bonus you will receive 50 free quick and easy recipes!

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*Blue Diamond is 5X's harder and 10X's more durable than traditional non-stick cookware. Diamonds are 4X's more heat conductive than copper.
The Coating is oven and broiler safe up to 850°F. Toxin-Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, Lead or Cadmium.